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Watch the video below to find out how you can use the experimental design software, CycDesigN, in field, glasshouse, laboratory, clinical and taste testing trials. 

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CycDesigN will generate optimal or near optimal experimental designs for your trials. Whether you are working with field, phenotypic platform, laboratory, clinical or taste testing trials, CycDesigN experimental design software supports gains in the efficiency and effectiveness of your tests, which can reduce costs and improve the outcomes of your testing trials.
CycDesigN produces an extensive range of statistically robust experimental designs that are quick and easy to generate and practical to implement. CycDesigN generates the best possible experimental designs with one or two-dimensional blocking structures for a range of design parameters and design types.
The software includes options to produce resolvable and non-resolvable IB and row-column designs, alpha-design, along with many more options. Optimal spatial design can be generated by CycDesigN and considers the separations between treatments. This is done using an autoregressive correlation phenomenon that acknowledges that correlation reduces as experimental units get further apart.
Once your optimised experimental design has been constructed, the output generated includes Genstat or SAS code as well as various file options to view and implement the design.

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CycDesigN offers 4 core design types